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Cold-Blooded Company

In Cold Blooded Company – cross-examination in real, the differences between cross-examination in reality and in fiction are explored. 2 crime police, the actress Stina Rautelin normally playing the role of a detective agent in the crime series “Beck” and a police student have been invited by the artist Saskia Holmkvist to discuss and perform an new and more “authentic” scene of a cross-examination than what you would typically meet in a crime fiction. The 4 protagonists sit around a table in a typically vacant room for cross-examination. During the 50 minutes of the film the discussion looks into questions of ethics, handling feelings, victimisation, prestige, performing at work and the improvisation of a scene.

Title: Cold-Blooded Company
Production: Saskia Holmkvist
Camera: Lars Siltberg, Mikael Krotkiewski
Length of film: 50 min
Year of Production: 2010