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Press Conference

Press conference is a re-enactment of the press-release text of the exhibition. The performance act alters the roles between the spectator and the exhibition producer and comments on the power dynamics between curator-artist-viewer and the expected exchanges going on between them.

The performance is a rehearsal, memorization and learning process of the press release and treats levels of understanding the communication of an exhibition. To learn a text by heart is to know the exact words but in order to learn the lines the content of the words have to be understood, which in turn will help the process of learning. During the performance the expected roles of the situation itself are altered. Saskia Holmkvist giving the speech needs the audience who has the manuscript in their hands i.e. the press-release to help her perform the text.

The performance Press Conference was held at the opening night 18pm, at the exhibition “Last chance to see the show” at Point Ephemère in Paris curated by Christian Alandete.