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Senior High School Classes Will Come


In the project, Senior high school classes will come, I commissioned Prime, one of Sweden’s leading public relations agencies, to focus media attention on the pedagogical activities pursued by Göteborgs Konsthall. I was invited to exhibit and I started to investigate how using the services of a PR agency could shift media focus temporarily from the individual artist to the gallery itself, and in this way cast light on the background factors determining how a work of art is observed. The aim was to reveal some of the mechanisms behind the attention an artwork can generate.

Among the strategies devised for this purpose was the conducting of a poll in collaboration with Göteborgs Konsthall, of senior high school teachers in Gothenburg. The hope was to learn about teachers’ knowledge of art and how they viewed the possibility of incorporating contemporary art in their teaching, a wish that Göteborgs Konsthall had. Sections of the results from this survey were then sent to the local media in hope that they would write about the Konsthall’s pedagogical activity. Visitors to the exhibition were able to see the media coverage which the campaign stimulated.


The work was presented in the entrance hall of Göteborgs Konsthall and the overall stages of the process were written on the wall. To deepen the question of PR an interview film, Interview with Carl Fredrik Sammeli-MD Prime PR, was also presented. In the film I and Carl Fredrik Sammeli discuss PR strategies within the cultural field. A folder containing the survey, that had been conducted amongst all senior high school teachers in Gothenburg was attached to the wall. Enclosed in the folder was the survey with the statistics put together of the answers and the two different press releases written from the information that we had produced from the survey. During the exhibition period two articles appeared. One in DN and one in Svenska Dagbladet regarding the art project.
On the wall:

I commissioned a public relations agency to

* increase the knowledge about the pedagogical activity of Göteborg’s Konsthall

* highlight contemporary art in a broader sense

* arouse attention around my project and the exhibition Deep Search

The public relations agency

* did a survey in collaboration with Göteborg’s Konsthall amongst all senior high school teachers in Gothenburg.

* wrote press releases to local media in collaboration with Göteborg’s Konsthall based on the statistics from the survey

* informed journalists that cover culture at, DN, Svenska Dagbladet and Kulturnytt about the work going on