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In Saskia Holmkvistā€™s work, questions of agency and professionalized language are explored through fractured narrative, employing performance, orality, film and improvisation. A hybrid form of realism, Holmkvist appropriates typical interview scenarios to serve as allegory and example. The works address consequences of power structures in communication such as translatability of subject positions as well as historical trajectories and post colonial presence by interacting with methods of communication borrowed from fields such as interpretation, psychology, journalism, and improvisational theatre.

The work retools the aesthetic strategies of documentary with performative interaction to focus on verbal speculation by the subjects invited directly from their professional fields. In the process the negotiation of undertaking roles is explored and many works use the interview as storytelling. The interview has been a central area of Holmkvist investigation that touches the politics of interview techniques, developing critical and ethical approaches to question institutional agency. By creating mostly performative encounters between protagonists invited directly from their professional fields to interact through improvisation and in relation to site specificity each of the projects can be seen as a platform to perform, narrate, and share strategies, discourses or resistance.